Company Onboarding

  1. Requires interaction with someone at DevZero. Visit and book a quick demo/onboarding call.
  2. During this call, we will add the DevZero app to the company’s GitHub account (see video).
User Management
DevZero provides several different ways to manage users for your organization
Git Providers
DevZero supports GitHub cloud and on-prem as well as Gitlab. In order to clone source code into environments
DevZero admins can centrally manage cloud users and security policies through a direct integration with Okta.
Source Code Management Integrations
DevZero supports GitHub (Cloud and On-Prem) and Gitlab.
The usage of tokens, passwords, and keys are a critical part to most development environments.
Basic Template Policy
Templates control how a DevZero “devbox” is created so that code is cloned, packages installed and custom commands are run.