DevZero Docs

Help for wherever you are on your DevZero journey.
Connectivity between dev environments
Enable TCP communication between running developer environments using Tailscale.
Command-line tool to install the DevZero CLI to interact w/ developer environments
Share Your Environment
Based on templates network policy, you can generate a share link that lets someone interact with a running service on your template
Profile Information
A developer can set their name and username within their development environments
Source Code Management Integrations
DevZero supports GitHub (Cloud and On-Prem) and Gitlab.
The usage of tokens, passwords, and keys are a critical part to most development environments.
Basic Template Policy
Templates control how a DevZero “devbox” is created so that code is cloned, packages installed and custom commands are run.
Software Policy
List of Debian packages that will get installed on a devbox.
Script Policy
Identified with the scriptpolicy key, it is an array of scripts that are run sequentially